“BE LIKE PRINCESS: Pageboy Hairstyle”

Hairstyles play a significant role in our looks. Beautiful dress and jewellery are not enough to have an impressive look. Make your hairstyle in such a way that it suits your personality and gives a glamorous look to you.

As styling hair is not a new thing. From centuries, the women are conscious about their hairstyles, and many of the styles remained popular through different times.

Whenever a woman wants to have any haircut, she always has a picture in her mind or an inspirational and attractive photo of any celebrity, about which she tells to her stylist and want to have that particular look.

The hair styles are often adopted by the celebrities because they keep themselves up-to-date. Every woman gets attracted by the hair looks of the celebrities and then tries to have the same look to have an attractive personality.

Other than celebrities, the people also get attracted by the hairstyles of different famous personalities. One of those personalities is Princess Diana. From young to adult, many women take Princess Diana as their role model or beauty queen. She is ruling over the hearts from centuries.


Teenage Girls.
Teenage Girls.

Princess Diana, a royal lady, was one of the inspirational and impressive personalities for the women all around the world due to her elegant personality and classy hairstyles. Her hair was short but still she used to maintain her hair by giving different looks to them. Many women copied her hairstyles till now.

One of the hairstyles of Princess Diana that got famous and still is ruling over the hearts of women is “Pageboy” hair style. The pageboy hairstyle looks cute, decent, straightforward and trendy too. It gives an excellent look to the personality of women, and it is easy for women to maintain this style because of its short length.


This hairstyle is entirely short but has longer bangs. Moreover, the hair hangs below the hair. So, it gives a stylish and a trendy look to women.

It is one of those hairstyles that are designed for the short and medium length hair. The actual pageboy hairstyle is all about bangs in the front and the back hair reaching to the shoulder.

The best thing about this style is that it is suitable for almost all types of faces and body structures. Bug it gives the best look when the hair is all straight from top to bottom.

So, as we have seen above that the pageboy style is one of the most decent styles in the fashion industry. No matter how old you are, this style will accurately suit your face and will give a simple but perfect look to you. Every woman of any age can adopt this style easily because it is easy to maintain and carry it for long. It doesn’t require a log time in brushing and maintaining. Thus, it should be the priority of every woman to have this hairstyle for having a charming Princess Diana’s look.

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